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#AHPNorth Conference- Just Do It!

I was fortunate enough to attend the AHP North Conference in Leeds held on 28th March 2012. We gathered from across the North of England in order to examine the role of AHPs (Allied Health Professionals) in the new health

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I'm an OT called Claire. I write about health, particularly mental health, and also about Social Media and Web 2.0 technology. I am particularly interested where these two fields overlap.
I believe that we all hold the potential for Recovery- let's grow together.

TWIM Blog Awards 2012
This Week In Mentalists Blog  Awards 2012

I'm chuffed to bits to have been shortlisted!

Kred top 50 Health Bloggers
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  • Anyway, I'm off to try and sleep. Life is knackering at the moment, but I'm seriously pleased @SueYFC thinks I'm making progress! 4 hours ago
  • Anyway. Don't listen to me, listen to @pastachips, @fornicatrix, and all the other intelligent, wonderful women in sex work. #ff 4 hours ago
  • @evilfelicity ...yet, I don't see calls to criminalise the Modelling industry. Why not? Magazine images directly harmful to many women! 5 hours ago
  • @evilfelicity and I'm thinking about catwalk models on 500Kcals a day: probably bigger impact supporting P notions of womanhood... 5 hours ago
  • @evilfelicity I don't understand why some rad fems insist that all ppl who want rights for SWs are "pro-prostitution" or "pimp lobby" 5 hours ago

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