11 comments on “#MedEdMOOC, #HCPMOOC or #HealthMOOC?
  1. kirstyes says:

    Just a quick comment from me today Claire.

    I think I prefer the name HealthMOOC as the most inclusive of the three (but then what about social care ;o))

  2. David Nixon says:

    Is there a risk that this will become too broad? Dean has set this out as a venn diagram, which is probably the best way of looking at it. My understanding of a MOOC is that it is there to make knowledge transfer more efficient – if we establish a net work with a massive remit is there a risk of diluting its efficacy?

    Is there scope for Med Ed, Health (& well being) HCP.

    • Claire says:

      In what way do you worry the remit may be “too broad”, David? I think the topics for each week don’t have any specific connection to medicine, but are applicable to the healthcare professions in general- I’m interested in your perspective on this. The more I think about it, the less specifically “medical education” content I can see, so I think we should aim to involve the breadth of healthcare professionals. Please would you expand a little more, I’m sensing you feel differently?

  3. Firstly, from the perspective of someone who has been outside these discussions this looks really interesting. Secondly, for anyone who is online shy there is an awful lot of technical/professional speak here. Many will not even know what an MOOC is for starters.

    Are you thinking of including any service users in these discussions and if not why not?

    I always ask a couple of questions about anything like this:
    What is it?

    Answer these and I reckon you have a rationale for most things. :) Glad to help in any way of course and if there is a Northern meet up will come along like a shot!

    • Claire says:

      Thanks for you considered comment, Ali.

      Yes, the first barrier is the term “MOOC”. Its still not familiar to people within health (and that’s one of the reasons we’re so keen to deliver it) even though there are so many great MOOCs running, giving great, free access to fantastic learning opportunities.

      The issue of involvement is very close to my heart, and I have no clear answers about how we’re going to ensure it in the planning of the MOOC. I know we will be looking to include content developed by people with insight from their lived experiences within the MOOC, but it’s a great point, and I’ll be sure to feed this back to the planning team.

      I do hope you’ll come along to our real life event towards the end of June in Leeds- we aim to discuss issues raised through the experience of the MOOC and through the weekly nhssm chats, and hopefully work out some solutions to the barriers that we face trying to engage in online environments. I look forward to seeing you there!

  4. Lisa D says:

    I have to admit, I had to look up what a MOOC was! However, I realised that I’ve been using Twitter as my own informal MOOC for the past few months. I think that while there are a fair few HCPs that would have the skills to participate and would see the value in a MOOC, there are also quite a lot of HCPs who wouldn’t have the skills/see the value of this form of learning – I would have included myself in this group up until a few months ago.

    A name like HCPMOOC / HealthMOOC would make it seem more relevant to more HCPs, but I think the important thing would be to market it well to HCPs and help them to see that it’s relevant to them (even if their technical skills aren’t brilliant). Could you use a name that would apply to all caring professions, (medical, HCPs, social care) such as CareMOOC? WellbeingMOOC?

    It would be great if MOOCs were used as part of HCP degree courses, so that HCPs get used to this type of learning. Students could then promote MOOCs to qualified staff when they are out on placement. I’m trying to do this with social media on my current placement :) Would love to come along to the Leeds event in June, I think it’d be really interesting.

    Hope this helps!

    • Claire says:

      Thanks, Lisa! Your comment pretty much sums up how I felt when I heard about MOOCs- that sense of “aha! that’s what I’ve been doing!”

      Great feedback- I’ll be sure to pass it along.

      How do you think it would be good to promote to HCP? I’m thinking it could be worthwhile to do some articles for the Journals to reach those who may not yet be using online networks to hear about opportunities? Interested to hear your thoughts about this!

    • Claire says:

      Oh, and do email me your details so I can be sure to invite you to the Leeds event- it looks like it may be hosted on your home turf at LMU!

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