16 comments on “QR Codes in Healthcare- Why?
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  4. Johannes says:

    Hi Claire,

    I really enjoyed reading your post on ideas for using QR in healthcare. There are clearly lots of ideas for using this particular technology in hospitals, community hospitals and the like. The possibility of sharing content, information and providing cross services is truly immense.

    If you have a spare moment please take a look at the service we provide, SQUARE:CODE – QR codes You Control, and perhaps get in touch. It would be great to hear your ideas about how our service could be used within the health care context.


    Best wishes,


  5. Teresa Chinn says:

    Hi Claire, I have really enjoyed this post – I have participated in a few discussions lately about QR codes mainly for resolving really simple problems for example the masses of patient leaflets we give out, quite often in different combinations and info that the patient needs to have QR codes could resolve this AND with a massive cost reduction. I like all of your suggestions there is certainly a lot of potential here – just takes the right people to drive it forward.

    • Claire says:


      I’m totally in agreement. Every hospital department seems to have the drawer or shelf where hopelessly outdated leaflets go to die!

      Why not centrally update the information, allowing hospital departments or even hospital visitors to print out the most recent copy of the patient information required?

      Add to that the fact that it takes perhaps a minute to make a QR code on your smartphone, and we have the possibility of truly personalised information being delivered at the point of care. Exciting times, huh?

  6. [...] personal information then, perhaps linking to hospital records, medication or next of kin contacts. ClaireOT discusses the possible applications of such a QR code in her blog, and raises some interesting and practical [...]

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I'm an OT called Claire. I write about health, particularly mental health, and also about Social Media and Web 2.0 technology. I am particularly interested where these two fields overlap.
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